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Title:Jerk it out
Pairing: Robbie/River
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash. Males kissing males.
Summery: Song fic to the Caesers Jerk it out.
Disclaimer: I don't own the song nor the characters. Used for my own perversion.
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Sweetest Sin

Sweetest Sin



Chapter One&Two

Note: We’re going to change the ages around a little. River’s a senior, Lily’s a junior. River’s 17, Lily’s 16. It’s legal, shuttup. Also, I blame the new tape-over-mouth previews for this. I haven’t actually seen them, but—it’s artistic license.

Summary: Lily and River make their dreams come true.

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Here are the icons that you asked for. But tell me if you want something different. These arent my best.

.::. .::.

Or you can use any of the ones I posted in the radiofreeroscoe icons community.
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Not The Last




Note: This is a response to caalan4rfr’s Because I Can. I’m not writing this to smite anyone or piss anyone off, I didn’t even know about all the drama going on. Just take it as it is, ‘kay?

Note Two: This is dedicated to a dear friend of mine. This isn’t their story, but they inspired it. They made it through a crazy relationship, and I really think EVERYONE can. Girls always seem like the weaker sex, but things aren’t always as they seem. I might sound like a Public Service Announcement, but if you’re getting hurt or you know someone who is, please, don’t be afraid to get help.

Summary: A response to Because I Can. Robbie the abused.

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Birthday Boy


No pairings in mind, but you can interpret any way you want to.


Note: This takes place after this season, and after whatever would be the end of RFR. They’ve all graduated and gone to work/live in other places. A future fic, if you will. I don’t own the birthday song, Lily sang it to Travis in “Zen...” but I DO own the first two lines that Lily ‘sings’

Summary: Lily and the guys still love birthdays.

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